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How to Eat Healthy

How to eat healthy is a constant struggle for many people. Follow this suggestion from Markham Heid, a writer and reporter for Time Magazine. A Strategy for How to Eat Healthy There is a simple strategy for how to eat healthy: cook at home more and eat out less. People

The 6 Secrets to Weight Loss

Want to change the scale from your nemesis to your bff? Losing weight can seem like an impossible task. We live in a world of immediate gratification. We expect that everything will yield instantaneous results. Today you’re a size 18 and tomorrow you want to be a size 4. So,

Nutrition: Keep it Simple Stupid

Since when did the question “What should I eat?” become as complicated as figuring out the tech system on your new Ford Fusion or accurately inputting a list of handwritten email addresses into Outlook? In the good old days, people fed themselves, living off the land and eating animals they

Two Simple Ways to Eat Less

Our problem today isn’t filling up our bellies, but restraining ourselves from continuing to eat until we resemble Humpty Dumpty. Mass quantities of food are all around us, calling to us to eat up. Snacks pervade office kitchens, supplied by employers as Friday treats and by co-workers who bring in

How About a Food Confessional?

Our eating habits have become a morality play. We brag about eating “clean” and “detoxing” as we emulate Mother Theresa. When we overindulge, we describe ourselves as “bad,” admit that we “cheated,” and talk about how “guilty” we feel. One day we’re “good” and stick to an egg white omelet

How to Survive the Holidays with Your Sanity and Waistline Intact

If you’re like me, you approach the holiday season with a combination of pleasurable anticipation and dread. Thanksgiving and Christmas provide opportunities to get together with family and friends, reenergize old bonds, and catch up with the goings on. But, these annual gatherings can also send us into stress and

How Can I Stop Overeating in the Evening?

In my work as a Nutritionist, my clients often tell me that they’re “good all day” and then go home and medicate themselves with anything and everything they can shove in their mouths until it’s time to go to bed. They eat a decent breakfast, resisting the lure of the

Do Nutrition Claims on Products Mean Anything?

Our food is emblazoned with catchphrases designed to convince us that whatever we’re eating will enrich our health. Lucky Charms, the epitome of a kid’s sugary cereal, sports the “whole grain” claim. The word “natural” has never sprung to mind when I’ve picked up a bag of bright orange colored

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer to Get in Shape?

I work out every day. That includes vacations. I’ve even been known to get up before the crack of dawn to get to 24 Hour Fitness before an all-day flight. The only time I slack off is when I’m sick, and the last time that happened was 10 years ago.

How Can I Keep Off the Weight I Lost?

We’ve all dieted and lost weight. That’s the easy part. The challenge comes when we tire of our self-imposed deprivation of living on kale smoothies and revert to normal life. About 95% of us are weight loss recidivists. Sadly, despite expending so much willpower getting the flab off, we regain