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Dieting Plans Through the Years

Dieting plans through the years have gone from crazy to crazier as we continually search for that magic bullet to quick weight loss. Sydnee McElroy, a family doctor practicing in Huntington, West Virginia, and co-author, of the new book Sawbones: The Horrifying, Hilarious Road to Modern Medicine, remarks that “The

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Dieting Plans are Easier with Homemade Meals

Dieting plans are easier when you cook your own meals. Let’s start with the first meal of the day. Many pre-made breakfast cereals contain additives, preservations, and excessive amounts of sugars and fats. Although granola has a “health halo,” store bought versions are often loaded with added sugars and fats.

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Dieting Plans Use Healthier Preparation Methods

Dieting plans use healthier preparation methods. Many of us have come to love fried chicken.   Exclude Fried Foods from Your Dieting Plans   Healthy dieting plans aim to exclude unhealthy fried foods. Maybe you have a weakness for The Colonel’s Finger Lickin’ Good Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC’s chicken is

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Dieting Plans That Banish the Bloat

Dieting plans include healthy foods and avoid foods that cause uncomfortable bloating. A good meal is quickly ruined when you start to feel bloated. It usually happens when gas builds up in your stomach or intestines. That’s because bloating is connected to the way your body breaks down food.  

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Dieting Plans Require Healthy Snacks

Dieting plans require healthy snacks. At some point, you’ll get hungry between meals or you won’t be unable to eat at your usual meal time. Plan for those eventualities by having healthy snacks available.   Hummus is a Good Snack for Dieting Plans   One good snack option for healthy

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Dieting Plans Should Be Based on Scientific Research

Dieting pains that claim weight loss benefits are not always backed up by science. Don’t fall for every dieting plan that becomes popular. Many are not based on any scientific research that shows that they are healthy or effective.   Case in point: the Blood Type Diet.   Some Dieting