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Helane’s Blog Week #4–A Temporary Setback

Helane's Blog All has been going gloriously in my forth week. I’d finally hit my stride with my workouts, going to the gym and even started taking Zumba classes again. Then BAM! For four long days, I felt nauseous and out of sorts.  For you ladies out there you know

Helane’s First Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Hmmm…I know everything about nutrition and exercise and what needs to be done to maintain a healthy lifestyle….well maybe not everything.  I’ve battled weight issues my whole life, had Thyroid cancer, and had the great pleasure of being an Educator for Whole Foods Market, where I learned about “fueling your

Dana’s Blog: Progress at Two Months

After two months, I wanted to post an update on my progress working with Lorie, my wellness coach. At first while working with Lorie, I watched the scales, disappointed at a lack of initial results with my weight. I wasn't paying close attention to what lifestyle changes were doing, but

Dana’s Blog: Slowly Making Lifestyle Changes

Sleeping Habits An honest appraisal of my habits revealed my trend of going to bed around 1:00 or 2:00 am, which after talking with Ms. Eber, I knew I had to change. A change in lifestyle I wanted to make was to go to bed early enough that I could

Tricia’s Final Wellness Blog

My final blog in which I realize:  Wow, what a journey…and feel a little sad when I say good-bye to the Coach. From the Coach: It's sad for me too when I have to say goodbye to a client. I hope that I have helped create some lifelong habits. That

Tricia’s Wellness Blog—Week One

Initial Meeting (Friday) My first meeting with Lorie went really well.  I faced my fears and talked about me.  (Lorie made it easy to do so.)  She’s a natural teacher and coach and I learned a lot in our initial 90 minute session. The changes that I chose for week