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healthy living

I have been working with Lorie over the phone for three weeks. My main “goal” is to lose weight and be healthier. I just had my 41st birthday in January and have had to deal with a bucket load of stress already this year. My husband and I are getting divorced, which is setting off many other consequences. My house and truck must be sold, and I have to find a job. Plus, through it all, I have to deal with a person (my estranged husband) that I would rather not deal with ever again. Two years ago I lost 79 lbs. in a six month weight loss challenge. Over the last year, I gained 65 lbs. of that back. I had lost control of my life in every aspect. Spinning down a drain of depression and failure. From the Coach: Nancy is tired of yo-yo dieting. The challenge for her will be a much slower rate of weight loss with a much longer term goal. I believe that Nancy is ready to make some permanent changes!healthy living

Over the last three weeks, I have made progress. I joined Weight Watchers, lost 14 lbs., established boundaries with my husband, and have a plan in place to find a job. Slowly, but surely, I am taking back control. I have a very long road ahead of me. I’m making permanent changes and trying to reduce stress. Food is my friend and I need to have a healthy relationship with it. I literally cannot live without it. From the Coach: Many of us use food as comfort when we are stressed. A healthy change is to find another coping mechanism that works for you. At times it feels daunting, but I have to just keep moving forward. Control the things I can control.  With Lorie’s help, I hope to be successful 🙂