Maintaining the Weight Loss

Achieving weight loss is a big accomplishment, but before you bite into that victory treat, take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself: Am I still trying to lose weight or am I wanting to maintain the weight I’ve lost? Personally, I am in a place where I want to maintain the weight I’ve lost. Sure I could try to shed more pounds, but I want to prove that I can maintain the weight loss before I set another weight loss goal.

The pounds I’ve lost while working with Lorie are pounds that I have been trying to shed for YEARS! And the fact that I don’t feel totally deprived or exhausted at this point is an unimaginable feeling. I’ve lost this much weight in the past, but was never successful in maintaining it.

This time it’s different.

Why? Because my approach was different. On Lorie’s plan I was able to live my life and incorporate healthy and doable changes gradually. Doing this allowed me to develop good habits over time. Initially, it was hard to incorporate the healthful changes into my life, but how are we supposed to see change if we don’t make an effort? Applying the changes progressively made the tasks less daunting. Which is why I’ve concluded that her approach to weight loss is essential to making it permanent.

You shouldn’t be loosening up when you’ve successfully met your goal weight. In fact, the victory point is probably the most critical point during your journey when you are at the greatest risk for weight gain. This is where you will either successfully keep the pounds off, or you will revert back to bad habits and gain it all back. NOOOOO! Don’t gain it all back! Remember how hard it was to get to this point!

Of course, there are days when I don’t want to exercise or eat right. But fortunately I’ve created accountability so that I don’t have the option of saying, “No”. I teach cardio kickboxing classes twice a week, so that gives me two days of high intensity cardio. I also enrolled myself into two community college dance classes, so I can’t not show up for class, after all my grade is at stake! Accountability is key to maintaining the weight loss. If I wasn’t held accountable to these different exercise activities, then it would be easier for me to let loose on exercising.

Additionally, my weekly check-ins with Lorie have helped me stay on track with my diet. Maintaining a healthy and portion-controlled diet is essential to keeping the weight off. I feel like this is probably harder to do than to get yourself to the gym. Fortunately, Lorie is not about deprivation. If you’ve practiced her recommendations, then by the time you’ve reached the maintenance phase, you should have developed better eating habits. All you gotta do is keep going.

At the end of the day, I want to be healthy and feel good about myself. Weight loss is important to me, but my health & wellness comes first. Focus on what motivates you to stay on track, and DO YOUR PART!! Don’t let the weight creep back on! You’ve worked too hard for that!

until next time <3