If you want to lower your blood pressure naturally, adding persimmons to your diet is a good start. Why not eat healthy foods as a way to lose weight and get your blood pressure under control?


I’ve always thought apples were the go-to fruit to keep us healthy until I read the results of a study conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The lead researcher, Shela Gorinstein, did a head-to-head comparison of the health benefits of apples and persimmons and apples were the also-ran. Perhaps the ancient Greeks were onto something when they nicknamed the persimmon the “fruit of the gods.”



Eating Persimmons is a Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally



This first of its kind study, published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, demonstrated that persimmons contain higher concentrations of fiber, minerals, and phenolic compounds than the tried-and-true apple. These important nutrients are instrumental in the prevention of heart disease, cancer, and stroke—three of the top five leading causes of death.


Persimmons Can Help Prevent Atherosclerosis


Dr. Gorinstein’s study demonstrated the superiority of the persimmon in preventing atherosclerosis, which is the culprit in heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Her analysis showed that persimmons contain twice the fiber of apples and also outshine apples in antioxidant content. Based on her analysis, Dr. Gorinstein recommends eating a persimmon a day to ward off heart problems.


Persimmons Are Effective Cancer Fighters

Laboratory and mice studies have consistently demonstrated the persimmon’s prowess in fighting cancer. One study showed that while it attacked breast cancer cells, it had no effect on healthy breast tissue. Persimmons also show potential in the treatment of prostrate and cervical cancers. They may even be an antidote to obesity.


How to Use Persimmons as a Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally


There are several types of persimmons, but the most popular and readily available are the acorn shaped hachiya and the tomato shaped fuyu varieties. Allow a hachiya persimmon to get very ripe so that it sweetens and then use the creamy pulp in pudding, ice cream, quick bread, cookies, or sauces. Fuyus are more versatile, with a firm texture and a pumpkin-like flavor. They can be eaten whole, like apples, or sliced in salads. They can also be used to add flavor to pies, crisps or crumbles.


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