When I was finally tired of yo-yo diets and decided to get real, I started to realize the difference between lifestyle change and all my prior failed attempts to live healthier. Here’s the way I think about “getting real”:

  •  It’s developing a new kind of comfort zone that doesn’t include things like sitting for long periods, over-eating and indulging in negative thinking.

lifestyle change

  • It’s knowing that when you “fall off the wagon” it is not a disaster, and the “fall” gets more and more gentle, so that you eventually lose the need to fall altogether.

fall off wagon

  • It’s measuring your health in hours, minutes, and seconds rather than months and jean sizes.

squeezing into jeans

  •  It’s being overweight and not fitting into your clothes but still being able to look in the mirror and say “I am healthy” because you have changed your mind set and you know your body will follow in good time.

lifestyle change

  • It’s bragging about how slowly you are changing your habits.


  • It’s an inside-out experience.

lifestyle change