Elaine knew that healthy eating was necessary to achieve her dream of becoming a professional cheerleader.  In this blog post, she recounts Part 1 of her journey in auditioning for the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleading squad. 

It begins with a dream

My lifelong dream has been to be a professional cheerleader, but I’ve always struggled in attaining the body that is required to make the cut.  Years of struggling with childhood obesity and battling bad habits prevented me from achieving my #squadgoals, but this year I told myself that I would rise above the challenges, and perhaps achieve my dream once and for all.

How to get in good shape

I knew that I needed to get into better physical shape if I wanted to even be considered for a spot on one of LA’s top dance teams.  So nine weeks ago I sought Lorie to help me achieve my weight loss goals.  I’ve chronicled my journey thus far in prior blog posts, and I’ve found that improving my diet has been the most effective for achieving a lean body.

Using Lorie’s suggestions, I created healthy meal plans that consisted of vegetables and lean proteins:

Breakfast – usually Greek yogurt with fruit or a granola bar

Lunch – salad with grilled chicken

Dinner – roasted veggies with protein (baked chicken breast or fish)

Snacks – fresh fruit, popcorn, or low fat string cheese

This type of balanced diet provided me with the nourishment I needed to keep my body fueled for my job and for all the extra dance classes I was taking.

In addition to eating right, I also watched my caloric intake because I’ve learned that weight loss is a numbers game.  Even when you are eating healthily, if you don’t watch your portions, you won’t see a dent in the scale.  That’s why MyFitnessPal was vital in helping me reach my goals.  I logged my meals, snacks, and work-outs and even uploaded body selfies to view my progress.  Consistency brought change, and soon enough I was visibly leaner and saw a drop in my weight.  But beyond the superficial rewards, I felt good about myself.  This feeling is probably one of the greatest benefits of healthy eating.

Dancing has been a hobby of mine since high school, and it’s something I chose to pursue into adulthood.  When I learned that the Rams were making their return to Los Angeles, I knew that I had to audition for their cheerleading team.  So I attended their pre-audition workshops and focused harder on conditioning my body and eating healthfully.

Before I knew it the preliminary audition was only days away!  Lorie provided me with the encouragement I needed to prepare myself for auditions, and I must say, this turned out to be my best preliminary audition experience ever.  The audition began with 400 ladies, and that number was cut to 130.  From 130, they selected 66 finalists, and through God’s mercy I was among the 66 finalists!!!

Next week I’ll share my experience during finals.  Stay tuned for Part 2!

until next time <3