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Tanya Brown is a health and wellness trendsetter as a nationally recognized author, inspirational speaker and life coach. Tanya has been featured on CNN, the Katie Couric Show, Larry King Live, Dr. Drew, AC360, Don Lemon, and in many other media outlets.

She applies the lessons from her personal experiences to help others cope with life’s challenges. Tanya shares her life challenges with her audiences to demonstrate that anyone can overcome adversity.


Health and Wellness Trendsetters:

Interview with Tanya Brown

Tanya Brown is a health and wellness trendsetter for her work in mental health and life coaching.

1. What is your background?

I’m well acquainted with adversity and trauma. With the loss of my sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, I have faced overwhelming life challenges but have found a way to use those obstacles to ultimately improve the quality of my life.

Ten years after the loss of Nicole, I suffered a mental breakdown. As a result of these life-changing tragedies, I became a vocal advocate for domestic violence victims, speaking out against the horrors of abuse at home.


2. What inspired/motivated you to get into the health and wellness field?


In 2004 my wedding was suddenly cancelled just four days before the big day. Shortly afterwards, I “snapped.” All the unresolved pain, stress, and grief I had been bottling up for a lifetime came to the fore.

I was admitted into South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach where I was an in-patient in the psychiatric unit for 10 days. Then, I participated in an out-patient program for the next 2-1/2 months. During that time, I did the hard work. I chose not to remain a victim, but to use the experience of hitting rock bottom to absorb valuable life lessons. Today, I use those hard-earned insights to inspire others to overcome adversity and to promote mental health and overall well-being.


3. What is most rewarding to you about your profession?


One testimonial really stands out. After the media launch of my book, “Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide,” I received a letter from a gentleman who told me that his son had committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. He went on to say that his therapist gave him my book and it stopped him from following in his son’s footsteps. Reading that letter was an extremely rewarding moment.


4. As a trendsetter, what do you predict will be the next big trend in your industry?

I firmly believe that corporate America is catching on to integrative health modalities. Stress, depression and anxiety are rampant in America today. Your “stuff” does not stay at home. It follows you to work, life and play. Everyone carries some type of stress, whether it be that of a caregiver, mother, husband, wife, employee, or employer. It is essential to equip yourself with the tools so that when the tornado of chaos arises, you have the necessary coping skills. Ariana Huffington created meditation rooms in all of her company locations.


I would love to see more corporate managers and leaders follow her example. I think it is starting to happen, slowly but surely. The Google Campus is just one example. I urge you to consider integrating mental health concepts into your business.


5. What tips/advice would you give for someone trying to achieve optimal health?


My advice is to make it a priority to find peace amid the daily chaos and to learn how to integrate self-care into your life for optimal wellness. If you have unresolved pain or grief, reach out and get help. You too come overcome adversity!


6. What is your favorite healthy meal?


First, I drink water, not sodas. I love fish and anything on the Mediterranean diet (except sardines and anchovies). If a healthy salad is on the menu, that’s my go-to meal!


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