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Health & Wellness Trendsetter Kai Boyer

Health & Wellness Trendsetter Kai Boyer takes a holistic approach to health derived from her person life experiences. She founded and operates Kai Boyer Fitness, a full-service gym, at three locations in Orange County California. Her services include weight loss, strength training, Interval Training, high performance sports training, post-surgical rehabilitation and nutrition.

Her philosophy is centered on the belief that at the core each person is built alike, however, the specific needs, desires, abilities, rates of development, and methods of understanding differ from one to the next. Her approach takes each of these factors into consideration to construct personalized programs best suited for each individual. Her programs are designed to instill in each client core training principles of education, performance, and recovery. She challenges her clients to push through their comfort level and do what they never thought was possible.

Kai is a firm believer in the philosophy of Kaizen that is based on focused effort to strive for constant and continual improvements in all areas of life. According to Kai, Kaizen is a more realistic and humanized approach because it takes human nature into account. It breaks down a huge ambitious objective into smaller, more achievable goals, focusing on making tiny, systematic improvements in a constant and persistent manner. Consistency over the long haul is ultimately the key to life-long health and fitness.

Health & Wellness Trendsetters Kai Boyer

Interview with Kai Boyer


1. What is your background?

I grew up in Palm Springs, California and moved to Orange County at the age of 15 to further pursue my tennis career in Irvine. I was one of the top recruits in my year and received a scholarship to play tennis for UC Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, after my freshmen year, I suffered a career-ending hip injury and was forced to give up my full-ride Division 1 tennis scholarship and the sport I had lived and breathed for over 15 years.

Because I still loved to work out and be active, I soon got certified as a personal trainer and was hired at the LA Fitness Signature Club. I was soon promoted to Master Trainer and after about two years, in 2016, I decided to start Kai Boyer Fitness while I was in my third and final year of college at UC Irvine. By 2017, I had expanded Kai Boyer Fitness to three facilities in Irvine, Newport Beach, and Corona Del Mar and also added an online program so I had the ability to work with my clients all over the world.

2. What inspired/motivated you to get into the health and wellness field?

Once I learned how to rehabilitate from my own injury I found my passion in helping others rehabilitate their own infirmities through exercising, stretching and soft tissue work. It was incredible to me that through these basic techniques I was able to help clients walk again, enjoy the things they loved doing, and best of all live pain free.

3. What is most rewarding to you about your profession?

The most rewarding part is seeing my clients transform their entire lifestyles. That usually involves changes in food selection and revolutionizes how they feel about their bodies, and even how think and feel about themselves. Seeing what an impact my coaching makes on their lives is what drives my passion for what I do.

4. As a health & wellness trendsetter, what do you predict will be the next big trend in your industry?

The fitness industry is going more and more towards the online model where training is being done through an app or on the computer instead of in person.

5. What tips/advice would you give for someone trying to achieve optimal health?

I always tell my clients you can’t outwork a bad diet and you can’t just diet without working out. Optimal health takes a combination of several things. First you must eat right. It involves more than just choosing healthy foods. Portion control and eating at the right time of day also make a big difference. Being sufficiently hydrated by drinking enough water is critical. Then you must exercise a minimum of 3-4 days a week. Choose any sport, activity or class that gets you burning calories and keeps you active. The importance of adequate sleep cannot be overestimated. You have to give your body enough time to recharge and refuel. It takes a dedication to these three things to achieve optimal health for the long term.

6. What is your favorite healthy meal?

My favorite healthy meal is chicken fajitas. I make them with a diced chicken breast topped with fajita seasoning. Then I add the following to pump up the flavor: 1 sliced orange bell pepper, 1 sliced red pepper, 1 sliced yellow pepper, 1 chopped onion, and handful of shredded cheese. It is quick, healthy and full of protein.

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