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Health & Wellness Trendsetter Dondi Hall

Health & Wellness Trendsetters are leading the way in helping people live healthier, happier lives by changing their eating and exercise habits so that they can maintain a healthy weight and keep their bodies moving.

Dondi Hall is the Owner and Instructor at Core Plus Pilates Studio in Irvine, California. Core Plus Pilates is a boutique studio that offers a unique fusion of Pilates, cardio, and strength training. It’s not your typical Reformer class. Core Plus Pilates also uses the Pilates Chair, Cadillac and Barrel, as well as other equipment to create long and lean physiques.

You won’t get bored because no two sessions are identical and there is no set routine to struggle through. Instead, the variety keeps it fun and allows all your muscles to be challenged. Dondi also modifies the exercises to fit each client’s particular goals and fitness level.

If you’ve never taken Pilates, you may not be aware of all the benefits associated with this type of workout. Some of the many benefits include: improved posture, better balance, increased core strength, as well as overall conditioning and toning. Many devotees have told me that doing Pilates has changed their bodies dramatically by giving them longer, leaner muscles.


Health & Wellness Trendsetter: Interview with Dondi Hall



1. What is your background?


I am certified through Stott Pilates and have been teaching Pilates for over 10 years. I also hold a certification earned by completing 1,000 hours of training in massage therapy.


2. What inspired/motivated you to get into the health and wellness field?

I, like a lot of others struggled with finding a workout that I’d stick with and that was gentle yet effective. I do like to stay active with hikes etc., but I wanted a more consistent workout and Pilates was it!


3. What is most rewarding to you about your profession?


I love to help each client achieve his or her goals, whether they be weight loss, soothing aches and pains, or just promoting overall wellness. It’s the best to hear them say how much my instruction in Pilates has helped!


4. As a trendsetter, what do you predict will be the next big trend in your industry?


It’s hard to say because there are so many new and reinvented styles of fitness are out there. But, for me, what is most important thing is longevity of the style.


5. What tips/advice would you give for someone trying to achieve optimal health?


Consistency is key to whatever fitness program or healthy lifestyle you choose. Try different things and diets and see what best keeps you on track.


6. What is your favorite healthy meal?


I really love the paleo diet/lifestyle. I find it just an easy commonsense way to eat. I always eat fresh fruit and veggies and lots of protein. And, I put avocado on everything.



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