Health & Wellness Trendsetters are leading the way in helping people live healthier, happier lives by learning how to deal with stress and changing their eating and exercise habits so that they can maintain a healthy weight and keep their bodies moving. Emotional health, including satisfying personal relationships, are also a critical to health & wellness.

Bev Sankey had a very successful career selling high-end jewelry and hair accessories for many years.

She is now the proud founder of Bev Sankey Healthy Living and Wellness, a relatively new undertaking which focuses on promoting health & wellness and work life balance. She feels passionately about spreading the word about health & wellness based on her own health struggles over the years. She knows from personal experience how much we can change our health based on our lifestyle practices.


Health & Wellness Trendsetter:


Interview with Bev Sankey

1. What is your background?

My background is 28 years as a business owner manufacturing jewelry and hair accessories to High Street retailers mainly in the UK. My products were also sold at The Limited Stores and Saks Fifth Avenue in the US, as well as CK Tang in Singapore. For the first 15 years I concentrated on selling at high end retailers, and in the second phase, I focused on selling in volume.


2. What inspired/motivated you to get into the health and wellness field?

What motivated me to get into health and wellness was my introduction to the Arbonne products and business model in 2011. I also found vegan products without nasties very appealing because of struggles with ME (a medical condition of unknown cause, with fever, aching, and prolonged tiredness and depression), which I suffered from ages 23 to 35. During that time my daily stress levels were off the scale.

I originally started my jewelry business in 1984 after I earned my BA degree. Two years later my boyfriend died and I was distraught. ME ensued and I sought help from a complementary medicine clinic in the South of England ran by a Dr. Kenyon. My holistic journey and research began then. I went on to struggle through a divorce and its ensuing stress.
Eventually I got better, but I still experience auto immune issues. I’ve been gluten free for several years and my daughter has been diagnosed with celiac disease. I’m very interested in the research into the gut microbiome and I follow Dr. Axe, Dr. Peter Osbourn, Dr. Tom O Bryan, and various online summits.

The positivity of Arbonne starkly contrasted to my own situation, which amounted to my attempting to be superwoman. Due to globalization, the jewelry and accessories business was becoming very competitive and I was getting less job satisfaction from selling hair clips and jewelry. These products please people but I needed more purpose in life.

So in 2012, I decided to close that lucrative business and pursue a different role—this one in health and wellness. I’m currently contemplating training as a health coach with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I also want to expand my website to four key areas of the best advice and expertise.


3. What is most rewarding to you about your profession?

What I find most rewarding is helping other people take responsibility for their health and inspiring them to make the transition to a clean eating regime, leading to better health and a happier life. I love to inspire people to get educated regarding their family’s nutrition and to achieve healthy life balance, focusing on mind, body, and soul.

My long-term goal is to create a health & wellness program that reaches thousands of people through mainstream organizations and corporations. I’ve recently noticed that The National Health Service in the UK is becoming more aware of the need to incorporate holistic approaches and treatments in order to save long-term costs.

The health and wellness profession is growing and I want to be a part of the revolution and of the movement to make sure we live a good legacy by future generations by working on reducing the impact of Big Pharma and the mass produced food industry, and by taking other actions, such as curbing the use of herbicides like glyphosate.


4. As a trendsetter, what do you predict will be the next big trend in your industry?

I think the next big trend is veganism and plant-based diets. I also expect a better understanding of nutrition and a recognition that healthy nutrients are the key to good health. This fact has also seemed indisputable to me, but still is not the focus of mainstream medicine, which continues to focus on disease treatment at the expense of healthy lifestyle. I want to be a part of the movement for health and wellness changes.


5. What tips/advice would you give for someone trying to achieve optimal health?

The advice I’d give any healthy person is to make personal wellbeing a priority, including balance in mind, body, and soul, focusing on exercise, meditation and relaxation. Gratitude, a positive mindset, and good nutrition are also integral to the health & wellness equation.
I’d advise people to focus on what they put into their bodies daily and to take care of their gut health through the consistent intake of healthy nutrients. Focus on sourcing organic produce and reducing or eliminating processed foods, meats, added sugars, and possibly gluten and dairy.

I also think that assessing work life balance, stress levels, and reviewing existing mental health and relationships is critically important to health & wellness and overall wellbeing.

The way to achieve a healthy life is to set goals for where you’d like to be and work on a 90-day plan to achieve those goals.


6. What is your favorite healthy meal?

I like Thai food and Far East/Pan Asian cuisine. I enjoy Mediterranean dishes such as paella with its fresh seafood, vegetable and herbs. I’m also a fan of fresh mixed superfood salads. My diet is 100% dairy free due to my lactose and casein protein intolerances and I avoid gluten.

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