Weight Loss: Getting Back on Track

Three days after the final audition, I met with Lorie in her office and she congratulated me on a job well done. She also commended me for treating myself to eating a little junk food, but also stressed this: “You’ve had your treat, now it’s time to get rid of what’s left!”

I knew that I needed to trash the junk, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I convinced myself that I would be “moderate” and only eat 1 serving of chips a day, and I justified keeping the junk in the house as a means of being balanced and not wasteful. Who was I kidding?! I WAS IN DENIAL! It has been 5 days since I met with Lorie, and with each day passing, I had eaten some kind of junk food. I have had chips, candy, pizza, fries, burgers, …and the list goes on. Let me tell you, I don’t feel good AT ALL. Yes, the junk tasted good, but my body feels terrible. I’ve already gained a couple pounds and that’s never fun to admit. But it’s the truth, and today I realized that if I’m going to get back on track, I need to be honest with my weaknesses and re-commit to my goals.

Eating junk and not exercising is quickly habit forming. Somehow the bad addictions develop quicker than the good ones. So it’s essential to stop while you are ahead. I have been on this road one too many times; where you pedal to the metal with your weight loss goals, reach some milestones, and then lose all inhibitions and binge. The fact is, I’ve worked very hard to lose 10 plus pounds and I am not about to let go of all that for a few moments of gluttony!

It’s been a step-by-step progression, but these are some of the things I have done to get back on track:

1) Printed photos comparing my weight loss transformation, then added some motivating notes in the margins, and then taped it to my wall.
2) Got rid of the junk in the house.
3) Remained honest and diligent in tracking my food intake on MFP.
4) Got on that scale! Yes, it was hard, but I knew that if I was not periodically checking my weight, I was sure to fall into the deep end.
5) Committed myself to exercising regularly. I may not be taking as many dance classes as I was while prepping for auditions, but I made sure to take at least one external dance class to keep my brain sharp.
6) Continued my relationship with Lorie. Accountability is everything.

until next time <3