I used to go on these deprivation diets that killed my mind and body, and I would last on such diets for about a week or two, until my body gave up and caved into anything and everything I was denying myself. Not only did I suffer during those two weeks, but any weight that I’d lost through deprivation would quickly return when I resumed my normal eating.

That’s why it’s important to create a healthy norm. Yes, easier said than done, but by adding healthier things to your life — little by little, you can achieve the body and lifestyle of your dreams!

I’ve learned that the key to successful weight loss is consistency, and unfortunately this is what trips most people up. You won’t be able to lose weight and keep it off unless you consistently practice healthy habits. It took a while for me to develop healthy habits, but Lorie helped me figure out what worked for my specific lifestyle. I still struggle when bad habits try to creep back into my life, and sometimes I cave in, but whenever I fall off the horse, I get back on immediately! Fortunately, Lorie has helped me through these highs and lows, and her presence has helped me stay on track.

Several weeks ago, I reached my initial goal weight. Honestly, I thought I’d never see that number on the scale unless if I had put my body through intense training and hardcore deprivation dieting. Well I sure proved myself wrong! Through moderation and consistent practice of healthy habits, I was able to shed the pounds I’d been wanting to lose for years!!

After achieving my initial goal weight, I decided that I was ready to step it up a notch and set a new goal weight. So that’s where I am now. It’s been a slow progression, but one of the most rewarding aspects of this journey thus far has been my ability to keep the weight off. Remember: Slow and steady wins the race, so try to be patient with results and don’t get frustrated with yourself when you behave imperfectly.

These are Some of the Things that I’ve Done to Maintain the Weight I’ve Lost

Avoid Dinner #2. I really struggle with this one. But I try my best not to eat after dinner. But when I do, I watch my portions and try to eat lighter snacks like popcorn or fresh fruit.

Exercise Regularly. I exercise at least 4 days a week – but usually more.

Portion Control. I ration my calories in a way that works for me. I have a job where I am on my feet all day and there is little opportunity to snack, so by the time I end work, I am super hungry, which is why I ration more calories for dinner than I do for breakfast and lunch. This works for me. This may not work for you, but it does for me.

Weigh myself every morning. This was really hard for me especially on days when I FELT heavy. But Lorie always tells me that, “The scale never lies!” Monitoring your weight daily will keep you in check. I know it’s scary, but you have to get on that scale! Or else, you’ll find yourself heavier Remember, you are more than just a number.

until next time <3