Diets don’t work. That may sound a little judgmentally harsh, but it’s true.

Most of us diet quite off-and-on throughout the course of our adult lives. Recent research shows that women will typically try 130 diets in their lifetimes. But, these calorie-restriction regimens usually only last about four weeks. A month of starving is enough for most dieters!



A Recent Survey of Diets



According to a survey conducted by hospitality firm Fourth, these are the most popular diets, listed in order:

• Fat-free (21%)
• Vegetarian (15%)
• Carb-free (13%)
• Others: Dairy free, juicing, gluten free


Many women have cycled through Weight Watchers and Nutrisystems more times than they care to admit. These programs are happy to have you come back and to tell you that the reason the weight came back on was that you didn’t stick with the program. But who wants to count points or eat pre-packaged “food” made in labs with unpronounceable chemical names?


When we get disgusted with our weight and can barely squeeze into our “fat clothes,” we get desperate and are willing to allow someone else to tell us exactly what to put in our mouth. Our only objective is seeing the fat melt away. The way we make that happen is not particularly important. We can force ourselves to survive solely on green juice or give up all sugared treats or carbs. As long as we see results, we are happy to give up our freedom of choice on the food front.



Why Dieters Abandon Diets



But these diets are just not sustainable because they don’t allow us to have a normal life, which includes eating in restaurants, going to parties, eating tempting treats, and enjoying cocktails with friends. So, eventually we give up and return to our normal eating habits.


What are the reasons for abandoning diets?

• Love of food
• Poor willpower
• Lack of patience
• Baffled by what was banned on the diet plan


What do dieters miss the most?

• Chocolate
• Friday night take out


Guess what? All the weight that we expended so much willpower to lose, returns. To add insult to injury, a few more pounds come and join the party. Not a pretty picture, is it? Yet the pull of quick weight loss is so strong that we violate the oft-repeated definition of insanity.



The Only Diet that Works



So, what’s the secret to getting the excess weight off and keeping it off?


Habit change is the magic pill! Slowly but surely you need to become aware of the eating habits that are packing on the pounds. Then you need to develop the skills to learn how to live in the real world with its constant food temptations. Habit change takes time, experimentation and patience, but it works.


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