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Good Weight Loss Programs Start with a Healthy Breakfast

Good weight loss programs should always include a healthy breakfast. If you’re tired of eggs, oatmeal and nut butter on whole wheat toast, why not try quinoa for breakfast?     Quinoa is an Excellent Addition to Good Weight Loss Programs Quinoa has been called a superfood because it contains

A Balanced Diet Includes a Healthy Breakfast

A balanced diet starts with a healthy breakfast. Would you get into your car in the morning without making sure it had gas? It’s the same thing with your body.   How do you expect it to function without giving it some food? Plus, you’ve already been fasting while you

Good Weight Loss Programs Satisfy Our Cravings

Good weight loss programs satisfy our cravings. If they don’t, we don’t stay on them for long.     Good Weight Loss Programs Teach Healthy Substitutions   Many of us love the crunch of tasty hash browns. But, they can be high in calories and soaked in butter. Here is

Weight Control Includes a Healthy Breakfast

Weight control has to include eating a healthy breakfast. According to the Mayo Clinic, “regularly eating a healthy breakfast may help you lose excess weight and maintain your weight loss.” Many research studies support this claim.   The National Institute of Diabetes agrees: “People who skip breakfast tend to be

A Healthy Eating Meal Plan Includes Breakfast

As a Certified Nutritionist, I believe that a healthy eating meal plan must start with a healthy breakfast. There are many studies that show that breakfast eaters are less likely to be overweight. But, we’re all running around like crazy people in the morning. Who has time to sit down

A Healthy Diet Plan Needs to Be Convenient

A healthy diet plan needs to be made up of healthy options that are quick and easy. Convenience is everything today! Here’s a quick and easy, but filling breakfast option. You’ve probably seen “smoothie bowls” popping up all over the Internet lately and in stores like Nekter Juice Bar and

A Healthy Eating Meal Plan Can Include Pancakes

Can a healthy eating meal plan include pancakes? It can, but probably not if you go to IHOP. Even a healthy sounding option like “ Harvest Grain ‘N Nut Pancakes” will cost you almost 1,000 calories and that’s before you add the butter, “fruit” topping, syrup and whipped cream. What

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Involves Making Healthy Substitutions

Anyone who wants to be leading a healthy lifestyle needs to think of terms of making healthy substitutions. If you focus on what you love but need to give up, your healthy lifestyle won’t last long.   Here’s a good suggestion: Replace mashed potatoes, grits or cream of wheat cereal

A New Addition to a Healthy Eating Meal Plan: Egg Pops

A healthy eating meal plan never leaves you hungry. Eating a breakfast that contains a good amount of protein is the key to being able to make it to lunchtime without being ravenous. Whole eggs are very nutritious: Calories 78 Fat: 5g Carbs 0.6g Protein 6g Vitamin A 5% Calcium

Good Weight Loss Programs Include a Healthy Breakfast

Good weight loss programs depend on providing adequate fuel to your body throughout the day. That includes starting the day off with a healthy breakfast. Decades of research demonstrates the value of starting your day with a healthy breakfast. I like to analogize eating breakfast to putting gas in your