A Fitness Training Program Leads to Good Health

A fitness training program leads to good health. That almost goes without saying, doesn’t it?   So why don’t doctors ever ask us about our physical training programs?   An interesting article in the New York Times makes the bold suggestion that our yearly health checkups should include an assessment

Wellness Programs Include Exercise for a Good Reason

Wellness programs use a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. My style, as a Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, is to address all components of a healthy lifestyle, rather than simply maintaining a healthy weight, moving your body and getting your stress level down to a manageable level.

Personal Trainers Should Be Recommending Exercise for Brain Health

I doubt that many personal trainers are telling their clients that working out will preserve their brain. When we think about “brain exercise” we tend to focus on brain games like Sudoku, or doing New York Times crossword puzzles, or learning new skills, like taking computer classes. While an AARP

What Should Good Workplace Wellness Programs Include?

Most large corporations have now workplace wellness programs. Often these corporate wellness programs consist of nothing more than an annual “Biggest Loser” competition which motivates employees for the duration of the contest, but typically doesn’t have any long-lasting impact. As a Certified Nutritionist, I’m not a proponent of these types

Exercise Programs for Weight Loss: Should I Buy a Stand-Up Desk?

Should desk jockeys buy stand-up desks as part of exercise programs for weight loss? Stand-up desks have become very trendy. After all, reliable research shows that sitting all day is associated with a host of medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, and even premature death. After a single hour of

Do You Lead a Healthy Lifestyle? If So, You’re Part of the 2.7%

A healthy lifestyle can be fairly accurately assessed by looking at four simple measures: 1.    A moderate amount of exercise 2.    Eating a healthy diet 3.    Not smoking 4.    Keeping body fat in the healthy range A recent study of 4,700 people who took part in the U.S. National Health