The best fitness training methods have a common goal. Incorporate consistent movement throughout the day. Think outside the gym because often you won’t make it to the gym. Plus, you have all day to get tired or make up good excuses.

Many studies show that 10-15 minute walks are just as effective in keeping you in shape as one 30 minute gym routine. Research done at the Arizona State University showed that three 10-minute bouts of exercise were more effective in controlling high blood pressure than a single 30 minute workout.


Best Fitness Training Methods

Here are some innovative suggestions from AARP about how to sneak exer-snacks into your busy day. Remember that something is always better than nothing.


1. While waiting around

While you’re standing in line, you can work on your fitness. Here’s a full-body exercise routine to help pass the time. Squeeze your behind 10 times. Tighten your stomach muscles 10 times. Stretch your arms downward behind you and squeeze your triceps 10 times. Rise up on your toes and squeeze your calves 10 times.

2. While sitting around

Improve your grip strength by keeping a tennis ball at your desk at work. Keep another one next to your favorite chair at home. At least twice a day, grab the ball and squeeze tightly. Hold for five seconds, then release slowly. Repeat 10 to 15 times with each hand.

3. At the supermarket

Build strength by ditching the cart and using your reusable tote bags instead. Sling one over each shoulder and cruise the aisles grabbing what you need. The additional weight is like walking with a pack on, so it boosts your heart rate and increases your calorie burn.

4. When working at a desk

Sitting has been called “the new smoking.” Research shows that sitting for several hours at a time harms your health. If your day includes a lot of chair time, try using a stability ball for 20- to 30-minute periods throughout the day. But, make sure that you also stand up and walk around frequently. A stability ball builds core strength and may reduce back pain.

5. While brushing your teeth

Balance deteriorates with age, but by practicing balancing techniques, you can get it back. When you brush your teeth, stand on one foot for 60 seconds and then switch. When that becomes easy, try balancing while lifting your leg to the side.

6. While making dinner

Sneak in some arm exercises while you’re making dinner. Keeping your shoulders strong and flexible can relieve joint pain and stiffness. So the next time you’re waiting for water to boil, do some arm circles. Keep your arms out to the sides and do 15 circles in a clockwise direction, then 15 circles counterclockwise.

7. When getting out of a chair

The ability to get in and out of a chair unassisted is an important part of aging healthfully. Practice standing up from or sitting down in a chair without using your arms. Use only your legs to get in and out of your chair. If this is too hard, trying using only one hand. Do this 10 times a day.

8. While watching TV

You can do a full lower-body workout while watching your favorite show. It will give you something to do when during the commercials. Lie on your side and do three sets of 15 leg lifts. Then do then three sets of 15 leg circles by raising your leg and rotating it in a circular motion. Switch sides.

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