What’s your weight loss strategy? Low carb? A juice cleanse? Timed eating? Intermittent fasting? There are so many weight loss techniques. Many studies show that different ones are effective for different people and that the key is to choose a weight loss regimen that you can stick with in the long run. Many weight loss plans only result in short term loss followed by regaining the weight in the long run.

Why not choose a weight loss routine that fits in your current lifestyle and feels like a reasonable way to live? We all know that lifestyle change is the only permanent weight loss program that will keep you at a healthy weight for the long term.

I always tell my weight loss clients that they should never demonize or permanently ban a favorite junk food. Doing so will undermine weight loss because at some point the craving will become overwhelming and they will binge on their favorite treats. Instead, a better weight loss and healthy weight maintenance strategy is to indulge the craving periodically and to do so outside your house so you don’t end up with extra servings.


A Weight Loss Approach Worth Trying


Here’s a weight loss approach that you might want to try. It may or may not work for you. This weight loss suggestion comes from registered dietitian Amanda Baker Lemein. According to Ms. Lemein, allowing yourself tiny indulgences throughout the week is a better way to lose and maintain weight than cutting out certain foods entirely.



Weight Loss Plan: The Two Treat Rule


She calls her weight loss method the “Two Treat Rule.” Here is the basic outline of Ms. Lemein’s technique:

• “The Two Treat Rule is a way to still enjoy your favorite foods while staying on a healthy eating plan.

• Whether it’s ice cream, French fries, pizza or cake, your two treats a week should be foods you simply can’t live without.

• You may consider these foods unhealthy and therefore detrimental to your weight loss goals. But as long as the bulk of your meals consist of mostly high-fiber, plant-based foods, two portion-controlled treats a week won’t hinder your progress.

• “I think there’s room for nearly all foods in a healthy diet.”

• Lemein believes that the Two Treat Rule will give you self-control around the foods you love while turning healthy eating into a lifelong habit.

• “If people give themselves permission to have some of these favorite foods, then they don’t become so forbidden, they don’t become so intriguing, because they know that they’ll have them again the next week if they choose.”


Weight Loss Strategy Details


• Don’t Bring It into Your Home
You should never keep treats in your home, because you might be tempted to eat them. “For example, if ice cream is something [an] individual really loves, I don’t think they should keep a pint of ice cream in their freezer,” she says. Instead, get your treat at an ice cream parlor.

• Keep It To One Serving Size

While the Two Treat Rule can help you get healthy and still eat foods you love, it isn’t an excuse to overindulge, Lemein warns. To work, she advises limiting your portions to one serving size.

• When It Comes To Meals, Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Your regular meals should center around non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Your focus should be on the quality of the food you eat rather than the quantity.

• Give Yourself Power Over The Foods You Love

When you use the Two Treat Rule effectively, you learn to have power over your favorite foods instead of them having power over you, according to the dietitian.


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