Many healthy diets get off track when our life situations change.

Let’s say you’ve been diligently attentive to maintaining your healthy lifestyle habits and then you go through a major life transition. This is a time when you may find that you get knocked off track.

Significant life changes usually cause us to neglect our healthy diets. Typically, a major change in your life means that you will eat less healthy food. Worse yet, most likely you will gain weight as result of neglecting your healthy eating habits.

So, how can you anticipate these life events and adjust to them without gaining unwanted pounds?


Give Common Danger Points for Healthy Diets

Here are some life changing events that will likely torpedo your healthy lifestyle habits.


Danger Point #1 for Healthy Diets


You Land Your First Desk Job
• Lots of stress
• Office goodies
• Lunches with colleagues and clients
• Long hours
• No time to workout
• What to do: bring healthy snacks and lunches, find non-caloric stress relief outlets, keep your body moving with exer-snacks (10 minute walks)


Danger Point #2 for Healthy Diets


You Turn 40 (or 50)
• Muscle turns into fat
• Your metabolism slows down
• Your hormones change
• What to do: do resistance training, adjust your calorie intake


Danger Point #3 for Healthy Diets


You Get Married
• You relax because you’re “off the market
• You eat out more or cook big meals
• You imitate the bad habits of your spouse
• What to do: cook healthy meals at home, plan the week’s menu on the weekend, be diligent about portion control


Danger Point #4 for Healthy Diets


You Have a Baby
• You have a lot of baby weight to lose
• You’re sleep deprived and making bad food choices
• You’re thinking only of the new baby’s needs
• What to do: breastfeed, take naps when your baby naps, push the stroller around


Danger Point #5 for Healthy Diets


You Get Fired
• You comfort yourself with food
• You’re stress eating
• You have no structure to your day so you graze
• You’re unmotivated
• What to do: get out of the house, take action so you get some control back, ban junk from your house, remind yourself that you’ll land a new job faster if you look good.


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